Monday, March 16, 2009

Relics of the Past, or Lives Lived Well

During one of my forays into the yard, I have found things. Relics of lives past, memories forgotten, and mementos that I don't really understand. However, I do like to think that within my yard (and my house) there have been many happy memories made. It is a happy place, despite its current under-construction condition. Even the lady who sold it to me said she was really sad to sell it, but her life led her south to Alabama. I've given her an open invitation to visit anytime, and I don't doubt that someday she will come knocking on the door. She is still here, in essence - immortalized (along with her cat, Twiner) in the names and pawprints on the concrete floor of the basement.

Here are some other things I've found around the house. These came from the yard:

The Clam Shells
The story? I think something like this:

"Honey, what are we going to do with those clam shells we brought back from the beach?"
"I thought they would look nice out around the flowerbed, you know - with maybe some hens & chicks around them. Or maybe just put them around the rosebushes."

And that's where I found them.

The Silver Tablespoon

For some reason I hear this dialogue in Granny Sue's voice.

Mom: "Tommy, have you seen my good silver serving spoon?"

Tommy: "I think Aaron had it out in the yard by the Water Maple. He said something about digging a hole to China."

Mom: "That boy! Always messin' in something!"

The Zinc Can Lids

My parents star in this one.

Husband: "Are you sure you want to throw these out?"

Wife: "YES. They don't hold a seal anymore. See how the metal has worn out around the edges. The milk glass inserts are slipping out of the one. Everything has a lifespan, honey. Let it go!"

The Red Glass Slag with the Yellow Streaks

Mother: "Emmy goes everywhere with that piece of red glass her father brought her home from the glass factory. Carries it around everywhere, and calls it her Princess Ruby."

Aunt: "Ah, to be that young again and full of imagination. And energy! If they could bottle that, they could make a million!"

Mother: "And she does have an imagination!"

The Broken Gas Line

Father: "We were lucky. The fire was only small, but it did a number on the boiler. I'll have to replace it."

Neighbor: "Lucky for you that your house was saved. It could have burned down your whole house - good thing you thought quick and turned off the gas."

Father: "Yes, the fireman called it a "flash burn"*. It did a number on the basement ceiling, though."

*There actually is a flash burn on the basement ceiling, from where the former boiler exploded. It could have happened...*

The Green Croquet Ball

During a summer family evening, full of lightning bugs, the smell of lilacs, and laughter:

"Anyone seen the green croquet ball*?"

"Nope. We've looked everywhere and no one found it."

"Oh well, it will turn up eventually!"

*(I found it in the hostas by the back porch.)

The Blue and White China Bits

Great-granddaughter: "I hate that I broke grandma's china bowl. My stupid, slippery hands! She'd be so mad at me if she knew I broke it!"

Mother: "I don't think she'd be mad at you, honey. She used her dishes - and she'd be happy to have you use them. She never did put things up to collect dust. 'Use yer dishes' she always said! So no, I don't think she'd be mad at you."

Great-granddaughter: "Still... I hate that I broke it..."

The Clock Weight

Grandson: "Grandpa's clock is off. I've got to go get a new weight for it, I think."

Mother: "Well, are you sure you know what you're doing? You might make it worse."

Grandson: "How? It don't keep good time now. What could I mess up? Maybe make it go back in time?"

Mother: *laughing* "Maybe! Crazy as he was, his clock might actually do that!"

Grandson: *laughing* "Yeah. I think I'll get a new weight for it."

Now it's your turn. Everyone out there - write a story about this. I'm not sure what it is, but it is solid iron, about 3 inches square, and was lying by the back porch near the drainspout. Best story gets to pick which room of the house I write about next!

Good luck, and have fun with it!