Monday, April 20, 2009

My name is Franklin

Hello, my name is Benjamin Franklin Cat. Everyone calls me Franklin. I'm named after a signer of the US Constitution. Welcome to my home!

This is my home. One of my favorite spots is here, in the bay window of the living room. I like to watch the birds fly by, and the cars that pass the house. There are other cats in the neighborhood, too, but not all of them have nice houses like this to live in. I think that is sad. Every home should have a cat, and vice versa.

I am quite flexible,and sometimes wake up in the oddest positions. I really like this red chair - it is rare that anyone else gets to sit in it, because I spend a lot of my time here as well.
This is my baby photo. I was only 12 weeks old here. Jason and John brought me home from the veterinarian in Point Marion, where I was a rescued kitten. I really like this bedspread too - it's vintage chenille and feels really soft!
Grandma Burns doesn't have the same taste in bedding, but the sheets on her bed are a good place for a cool catnap on a hot, late-summer's evening. That and the flowers really bring out the green in my eyes.
Of course I have to say that grandma is very good to me. I like to lay in her lap and eat kitty treats. I go to visit her sometimes - and visit with my other relatives.

Of course I do my share of activities as well. I'm a very active kitty-

But my favorite activity is napping - pretty much anywhere I can find a spot.

I travel well - compact model!

Jason and John take me lots of places with them. I like to travel in cars - and often I'm not in my cat carrier. I know, I know. Bad Cat. I like to be out so I can see what's passing by. I guess it's the WV in me.

Here I am resting atop the haul we bought at Rio Mall in Rio, WV. That's Grandpop in front, driving. It was a really nice trip.
I think when I grow up I want to be a model. John has already noticed my propensity to "work" the camera. Hear that Whiskas???

I can do action shots too - here I'm punting a Fisher Price Apple!

So if you need more love, action, and purring in your life- or a good subject for a photoshoot- try a cat like me! There are many cats and other animals at your local rescue agencies that need homes. So if you have room in your home and your heart, consider adopting a critter. They'll love you for it!

Bye till next time!