Monday, July 12, 2010

Manic Monday - Summertime Memories

Here are some photos of the summer so far, since it's flying by so fast - and like a Monday it will be Autumn before you know it! These are all things that I've done/seen so far this summer but have not had time to write about.

Julius, a.k.a. Helper Kitty, laying on some 2x6's on the front porch. He likes to help build around the house.

The gatehouse of Berkeley Castle in Berkeley Springs, WV.

South Mill Creek Lake in Grant County near Dorcas, WV.

Franklin, who has done something - but I'm afraid to ask what.

My great-grandparent's cellar (now in ruins, and has been since the 1985 flood).

A buckeye blooming in Berkeley Springs, WV.


Granny Sue said...

Nice photos. I didn't even know that buckeyes bloomed so beautifully. Now I think I like that tree, which I never really cared about before.

Jason Burns said...

I didn't either - in fact it was John that said it was a buckeye. I didn't know what tree it was. It's in the state park there - beside the pool and springhouse.

Nance said...

I've been trying to grow a buckeye -- but still didn't know they bloomed like that! unfortunately, my little 10" buckeye didn't make it. Must have been too wet for it this spring. Someone once told me that any Buckeye in Iowa was planted by someone. Buckeyes are not native . . . later . . . gotta go find me a buckeye to plant.