Friday, July 9, 2010

Patio Project

Hello again! It's the height of summer and the July heat is baking the world to a crisp! At least, it is here in Morgantown. My garden has been getting regular waterings, but the cucumbers have fried on the vine - its that hot!

Prior to this heatwave, I did manage to get a few projects done outside - and this is one of them! I had wanted a patio with a firepit in the backyard since I bought the house, and now I have one!

The bricks for the firepit came from the old chimney that I tore out of the kitchen - it was only a shaft of brick in the wall, not decorative or functional. The rocks for the wall came from a friend's property near town, and the pea gravel came from Lowe's. The big concrete slabs were already there, just overgrown with grass and covered in black gunk - it may have been mildew. But now its been weeded and power washed.

We've already had the inagural marshmallow roast and bonfire, and it works great. I even got patio furniture - something I've NEVER had in my life - and a grill. The green plastic chairs functioned well for a while, but now they are starting to crack and sag, so I replaced them with chairs I found for $20 and a table that was given to me by a friend. I painted it all to match, and you can't tell it's not a set.

However, until this heat and humidity subside, the backyard activities are on hold except for watering plants and short trips. This heat is insane!


Granny Sue said...

Love it! When my boughten pit dies, I want Larry to make me one like yours. It's really nice, Jason and John. I'll look forward to roasting my own marshmallow there one day.

Angela said...

That looks great Jason! You are lucky to have city water so you can water your lawn and plants. My grass is almost dead and the garden isn't doing well either. We have well water.

Jason Burns said...

Thanks Granny Sue! We used a lot of reclaimed materials, so the only cost was the weed filter fabric and pea gravel. The rocks were given to us by Gina (who was our realtor when we bought the house) and the bricks are from the old chimney.

@Angela - I have used some city water on the yard/garden, but have captured rain water and used it as well. Also, the dehumidifier water in the basement is used for that too. In addition, there is a sump pump in the basement that churns out over 5 gallons at a time, and that is a lot of water since it kicks on over three times a day. Once we set up the "cistern" - basically a big plastic barrel - it's catching most of the yard's water for us.